Learn how to become an Authority

From a New York Times bestselling author of eight books 

Each issue of Authority Secrets includes: 

  • ONE ANSWER TO A PUBLISHING QUESTION related to building a business from your book 
  • ONE TIP about book writing, marketing or publishing
  • ONE RESOURCE that will help you on your journey to Authority


Delivered every Thursday morning and written by Legacy Launch Pad founder—New York Times bestselling author Anna David—Authority Secrets is for any business owner who wants to establish authority by launching a book.

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Christine Morrison

"As a burgeoning author, I read the Legacy Launch Pad newsletter each week for insights and tips to book development, publishing and overall motivation for writing. As a diehard listener to Anna's podcast, the newsletter is the ideal complement providing interesting ideas (captured in her quick to read, and frequently saved) "Three Things of the Week." As with all of Anna's work, I appreciate the newsletter candor and humor."

Christa Wojciechowski

"Anna David is a storehouse of publishing information and experience. What she doesn't know, she finds out for us. Her newsletter features brief, useful, easy-to-digest information that is guaranteed to move the needle forward in your book publishing plans. She also adds quotes, case studies, and publishing news. Best of all, you get to see Bernie the Cat. We are all oversubscribed these days, but this is the one newsletter writers will want in their inbox!"

Barbara Legere

"I look forward to Anna's newsletter every week. I had to create a folder for them because I never want to lose the valuable info she shares! I just finished my first book and hired Legacy Launch Pad to help me make it the best it can be. The newsletter is like a continuing education of all things related to writing and marketing - plus it's fun to read and come on, who doesn't love Bernie?"

There's no spam involved because spam is gross whether received or consumed. Also you can unsubscribe at any time without Bernie even knowing.


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