The Authority Experience

Spend an hour with us and we'll custom create a personalized OWN YOUR AUTHORITY package that contains the book concept and promotion plan to transform you into an authority in the eyes of the world.


 You want to write a book to share your experience and passion.

But chances are, you're thinking too small.

We're here to change that.

You know more about SOMETHING than 99% of the people out there on social media and podcasts talking about it.
That's why you're writing a book, isn't it?
Your book idea is probably based around something you've experienced and are therefore passionate about: meditation, addiction, divorce, recovery, grief, love, heartbreak, parenting...the list goes on.
The topic doesn't actually matter. What matters is that because of your experience, you can help other people—and, if you do it right, have them pay you for it.
So you should sit down and write a book, right?
Er, no. If you just start writing without doing any of the prep work and planning, you'll probably write the wrong book—one that will just sit on your shelf and not do anything to change your life (or anyone else's).
If instead you take advantage of our Authority Experience, you can create THE book that will do more than just produce a book.
It will give you a purpose—and, ideally, make people want to pay you to help them.
Hi there. I'm Anna.
My main gig is helping high-level entrepreneurs write and launch books that make them the leading authorities in their field so they can attract more clients and attract more opportunities.
But my team and I have realized that what we know how to do shouldn't be limited to the top 1%. We want anyone who has a passion—and experience—to be able to create a book and build authority around it.
Maybe you've told yourself that you don't need help—or that if you do, you can just Google and take free classes and keep writing.
Ironically, perhaps, that's how you'll waste the most time (which is, let's be honest, money).
But if you get help before you're too deep in the writing process, you'll be able to refine your book idea with the help of experts so you actually write the book that will give you a purpose, help people and get paid for it. (You'll also have a plan to get the word out about it.) can just write a book that does nothing to change your life.
Every quarter, we open up a limited number of Authority Experience slots.
They provide an opportunity for you to receive the same brilliance we provide for clients who pay us up to $100,000: we craft your greatness into a book elevator concept and then create a step-by-step guide for you to build your authority with it.
Believe me, I get it.
You think it's just about writing a book.
You also think, because you're so passionate about your topic, that you know exactly what your book should be.
Let's unpack that, though. Do you do your own medical exams or do you go to a doctor? When you have a legal issue, do you handle it or consult a lawyer? 
Somehow people think writing is different. Be honest...they think because they've read books, they know how to write the right one.
They think that if they hire someone to help them come up with their book idea, it will infringe on your creativity. (Spoiler alert: the opposite is true...once you're jamming on the right book, your creativity will come alive).
The sad thing is that if you don't get help in the beginning, whatever creativity you expended will have been wasted on a book that doesn't move the needle for you at all.
Luckily, my team and I are experts at downloading the greatness in people and coming up with their authority-building book—and then custom creating a plan for to get the word out about it.
Aren't you at least a little bit tired of watching people who know less than you taking the stage that should be yours?
This will not only make them an afterthought but also stop you from killing yourself on a book that does NOTHING for you.
Also, being an authority is FUN.
Find out more below.

This process isn't just about using your book to build a business.

As my client Matt George casually told me in a recent text, it propels you to "think and dream differently."

Have a one hour call with my team and then sit back. A week later, we will deliver a packet that includes:

Your Unique Quotient (UQ): A clear breakdown of how you stand out from others who share your passion and experience (which you've been too immersed in to even see)
A book concept for the book that can establish you as an authority in your field
A comparative market report of the leaders in your field, including what they've published and where they've appeared so you can join—and surpass—them
Your Podcast Hit List: 10 podcasts that would be ideal for you to appear on, along with host/producer contact info
Custom created pitch emails for each of those podcasts 
A feature story on you that we write and publish on one of the following: Huffmag, CEO Feature, The NY Guardian, The NY Express, Shoutout California, CEO Weekly, NY Weekly, Us Reporter, LA Wire (or a publication of that caliber)
LinkedIn Authority Makeover

Michael Gerber, multiple New York Times bestselling author of The E-Myth, among 20 other books, as well as “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru” (Inc magazine)

"I wish I'd known of the extraordinary Anna David when I started out on this path of mine. If you’re determined to create a ground breaking book to become the ground breaking platform upon which to grow your ground breaking business, work with her. Thank you dear Anna. You’re a life saver!"


Still not convinced? Well, here's what happened to some of my clients when they worked with us to step into their authority...

Gene Moran, author of Make Your Move and How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales

  • Signed over $500,000 worth of new clients—defense and security companies that have achieved billions of dollars in sales to the federal government
  • Identified as a Top Lobbyist by the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics
  • Inducted into the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame®

Darren Prince, author of Aiming High

  • Appeared in and on the WSJ, NYT, USA Today, CNN, Fox & Friends, Chris Cuomo, Tucker Carlson, Jay Shetty, Extra & Dr. Oz
  • Signed a six-figure spokesperson deal
  • Optioned his book rights to Lionsgate
  • Launched a six-figure speaking career, doing over 100 keynotes in three years
  • Launched a non-profit named after the book to raise money for addiction recovery causes

Emily Paulson, author of Highlight Real: Finding Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life

  • Appeared on Today, Good Morning America, Tamron Hall and The Doctors
  • Quoted and appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and the Huffington Post, among many others
  • Launched a "Sober Mom Squad" movement as well as a waiting list-only coaching business
  • Booked and delivered a TEDx talk


This is a way to get the same thing...only faster.


"But wait a minute," you may be thinking. 

"You're going to give me a book concept ? What about the actual book?"
Good news. If you can take what we give you and run with it, you may not need us after that.
If you do, then we can talk (and your investment will be applied toward any book package). 
Here's how it works: 
Prep work: Before our call, we'll send you a quick prep form so we don't waste any time on minor details. 
One hour call: You'll have a 60-minute deep dive with my team so we can find out about your business, where you want your business to go and your main competition. 
One week later, we will present you with:
  • Your UQ (Unique Quotient), a breakdown of how you're different from everyone else in your industry
  • Your complete book concept
  • Your Podcast Hit List: the list of 10 podcasts that would be ideal for you to appear on
  • Podcast host/producer contact info
  • Specialized pitches for each of those podcasts 
  • Mainstream news package: A written story about you published on a well-trafficked business or lifestyle website
  • LinkedIn Authority Makeover: suggestions for a revamp of your LinkedIn profile
For the following month: my team will be available via email to answer any questions you or your team members have. 
Your custom-made AUTHORITY EXPERIENCE booklet, complete with your Unique Quotient Profile, book concept, Podcast Hit List, specialized pitch letters, Mainstream News Package & LinkedIn Authority Makeover will be sent to you within one week of your Authority Experience.



2 payments of $750


I'm Anna and this is not actually what I look like.

But it is what an AI app that I downloaded and gave my photos to—despite knowing it was a bad idea—spit out.

And look, I'm vain. I'll take the airbrushed superhero version of me with the sort of perfect hair I could never achieve over an I-woke-up-like-this photo.

But do we care about my photos or your authority? I vote for the latter.

I created the Authority Experience because I want those who are passionate about sharing their experience and passion to be able to do it in a way that gets them noticed. 

Too often, it's the posers—the people who know the least—that get out there in front of the media and on stages..

I want the people who have been behind-the-scenes but actually know WTF they're talking about to be the ones at center stage.

And I know that this is a way to do that.

I also believe there's no reason to turn this into a process that takes a long time or is limited to people who can pay between $45,000-$100,000


What happens next...


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Kevin Harrington, creator of the informercial, the original “Shark” on Shark Tank

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Let's be honest: most people out there don't know how phenomenal you are.

Isn't it time show the world what it's been missing?

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