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Need studies to back up your work? Check out Consensus, an AI based tool that aggregates research from different studies. Yes, AI is terrifying in many ways. But sometimes it's pretty extraordinary.

I put "fear" in the search bar because I'm working on a keynote based on The Write Method that talks about fear and it pulled up a 1997 study that reported that fear can be a "terrifying barrier to change" but also an energizer to take action. I like thinking about fear that way and I know I can incorporate into my speech. Thanks, AI!

So if you need studies to support your work, why not give consensus a spin?

Best cold email ever

Why am I giving you this example of how someone cold emailed their way into a job when this is in no way a bulletin about how to get a job (and in many ways is actually a missive consistently designed to make it so you can launch a book and never have to get a job again)?

Because as authors we have all sorts of reasons we need to cold email people...maybe we want them to blurb our books; maybe we want them to review; maybe we want them to book us to speak.

And if ever there was a cold email that would get the attention of a very busy person, this is it.

So many gems we can all use as inspiration, right???

Book Cover Archive

Want a spectacular book cover but have no idea where to start?

Go to your local bookstore and see which covers grab you. OR (the lazy person's version) check out this collection from Electric Literature or this even bigger collection from the Book Cover Archive. No matter where you are in the process, take screen shots of the covers you love and give them to your cover designer when it's time.

Pick Fu

Okay so I already posted about this on Instagram and sent an email to the SPECIAL GROUP of people who are getting all the ADVANCE news about the book I'm writing (not too late for you to join them) but in case you missed all that...

Last week, I was writing this very bulletin and I started to recommend PickFu, a service I'd heard about from Tim Ferriss that I'd never tried. It's essentially a way to get a whole bunch of opinions quickly on something and he recommended using it when you're trying to decide between various titles.

Then I thought, why would you recommend a service you've never tried to these good people?

So I tried it. I input the working title for the book. Then I made up two more titles off the top of my head. I paid $65 and waited a few minutes.

And guess what? One of the ones I made up off the top of my head won by a mile.

Check out the results here.

Once you have a few articles and podcast appearances under your belt, you're going to want to put together some sort of a page or document or some such to show what a media bad ass you are.

One option is, which pulls from the Internet, in real time, your exact digital footprint. The free version allows you to create one media kit. I did it and then had it combined with some other cool things and then made into a SkinIt for my laptop (my friend Maresa taught me this trick; a way, when you're at a conference filled with potential clients, to subtly pre-sell them by showing how much you have going on.) Anyway, laptop skin image above! (Consider this a two-resource-in-one recommendation.)

Book Writing Made Simple year-long program

The great Elizabeth Lyons has a year-long program where she guides you through the process of writing a non-fiction book and it's time I told you about it!

I love Liz (listen to her on the pod here) and though this link to her program is an affiliate link, I recommend anything she does whether it contributes to my coffee fund or not!

Her program includes 12 monthly coaching calls, 12 months of access to all online trainings, videos and downloads, access to the vault of all monthly coaching call recordings (even those that occurred before you joined), access to pop-up virtual co-writing containers and access to a private Facebook Authors Network.

The cost is $199 a month for 12 months (though other payment plans are available). Sign up here. It may be just what you need to finally get that book out of your head and out into the world in 2023. 

Amber Vilhauer's bio page

I wrote about Amber last week but I continue to be so impressed by the way she does things that I'm writing about her again. Here's the latest thing I admired: I booked her for a podcast interview and when I asked her assistant to send over a short bio and photo, she sent me a link to this page. Now, I've known for years about having a page on a site that makes it easy to share assets but the ones I've seen (and created myself) always seemed to have extraneous, unhelpful stuff on it. But a page that simply has short and longer bio options, plus an array of photos? Clean! Simple! Genius!

I was so inspired by it that I created a new page just like it for my own site. Why don't you do it, too? Future podcast hosts and bookers will appreciate it and, as the bookings add up, it will save you time!

Kindlepreneur's Book Marketing page

If you don't yet know about Dave Chesson, I feel I've failed you. 

Dave Chesson is the KING of Kindle. He's also one of the kindest people alive.

I've been lucky enough to be on his podcast (#RIP) and have him on mine and he's been so generous with his time and expertise whenever I've reached out to him with a question.

But forget all that and just remember this! The man knows EVERYTHING about the indie book world and shares that knowledge in newsletters, blog posts and even software creations (if you don't have his Publisher Rocket software, you can remedy that now by clicking here. That's an affiliate link so as Dave always says about his affiliate link, if you buy the software through that link, you'll be contributing to my coffee fund.)

My point is this: bookmark his Book Marketing 101 page and you will be rewarded with a resource you can go back to again and again at every stage in your book journey.

QuickWrite AI

Obviously, AI is controversial. Obviously, as a writer, I don't want writers to become obsolete.

But I actually don't think that will happen. If you have knowledge and talent and passion, you will always be able to do things that no computer program can.

But I am all for getting help...especially for something like blog posts, which are required for SEO ranking in order to bring attention to your real writing.

Out of all the AI software I've checked out, my favorite by far is QuickWrite. It's made by the people behind MockUp Shots, the best image software for authors that exists.

I tried out QuickWrite for blog posts and was able, in about 20 minutes, to put together five blog posts.

Judge me for it, if you want!

Or accept that this is where we're headed and try out the AI thing yourself.

QuickWrite costs $197 for a lifetime license. Though this is an affiliate link, I would be recommending it even if it wasn't.

I'd get in now if this sounds at all intriguing. Costs will only be going up!

The Guardian story on 100 Ways to Slightly Improve Your Life

This has nothing to do with building your authority with a book but I liked it. Who doesn't need to be reminded to call an old friend out of the blue, buy a plant, bring something to a dinner party even if the host told you not to or set a timer for your apps? 

Delete Me

Since we're focused on web presence this week, I'll let you know about Delete Me. This is a service I just heard about that makes it so that when people Google you, they can't find out your address, age, marital status and all that other crap that comes up. This isn't about being a writer but just a human entitled to privacy who should get to choose what to share with the world (like, say, our books) and what to keep private (though when we give up on trying to stop people from knowing our age...Gawd, things get easier).

Creativindie courses

Now, I don't often recommend courses because a) the majority of people who buy courses don't even finish them and b) I sell courses myself (including my brand spanking new Author Expert Formula, which will change your life if you'll let it).

But I'm telling about Creativindie and in particular the magical mind behind it because that magical mind—Derek Murphy—is a genius.

I met him in a park in Portland at the World Domination Summit when I overheard him talking so knowledgeably and yet completely egolessly about book publishing.

Many people spew BS about book publishing.

Derek was spinning, well, whatever the opposite of BS is. Truth I guess? And he seemed to know about ALL aspects of publishing—writing, editing, cover designing, coaching.

I went back to my hotel and started looking him up and was astounded at the sheer amount of knowledge and material he's put out there.

You can hear my podcast interview with him by clicking here but he's also featured prominently in my book that's coming out in the spring (get more info about that here).

Anyway, Derek's courses! I recently went through one of them and ended up revising that book coming out in the spring based on advice in it.

If you don't buy one of his courses (and opt to get my Author Expert Formula instead), I will not hate you for it but I do recommend making Derek one of those publishing peeps you follow


I just discovered this marvelous tool, from a Substack story I learned about from Jane Friedman. (All things publishing lead back to Jane Friedman.)

The story, which I highly recommend reading, is all about the importance of getting Amazon followers.

Amazon followers?! That's a thing?!!

I can hear you thinking this now!

And yes, this is yet another place where we have to concern ourselves with gathering people. The story breaks down why.

I started obsessing over Amazon followers a year or so ago and made half hearted attempts to gather followers there (mostly by adding the option to follow me on Amazon to my bio on my personal site) but I never did much. And so it was with some trepidation that I let Bookedge tell me how many followers I have there.

If you write me back, I'll tell you the number. Then I'll follow you and you follow me. #followforfollow, as the kids say?

In the meantime, check out Bookedge (free account for two weeks) and start asking people to follow you on Ye Old Amazon! This somehow turned into a tip along with a resource but hopefully you'll forgive me.

The Operating System: Grow & Monetize LinkedIn

If you have any interest whatsoever in growing on LinkedIn, YOU NEED THIS COURSE.

(If you're thinking, "Grow on LinkedIn? I'm an author! Why would I want to grow on LinkedIn?" -- please're not just an author; you're an authority. And authorities are on LinkedIn.)

It's actually quite outrageous that I haven't told you about this course before because it not only changed my entire concept about LinkedIn but also my entire concept about courses.

That's because I realized when going through this course that the reason most of us buy courses we don't finish is that there aren't enough quick wins. I literally created my new course using this course as inspiration.

Bite size. Action oriented. Practical. Short.

I love it so much that I asked the course creator for a link to give my people a discount instead of giving me an affiliate commission. And he said yes!

Take advantage of it here. If you don't find this course insanely useful, I will buy a coffee. Or at least get in a fight with you about it.

Canned Emails

Do you spend so much time telling people you're not interested, they need to pay you back or you need service canceled that you're not writing?

Canned Emails to the rescue.

Short. Simple. Sweet. Copy/paste and go back to the manuscript!

New Amazon Author Page Options

Amazon has updated its Amazon Author page options and you can now do cool new things!

Like: your most talked about book. Or the book readers should start with. Or other authors you recommend. It's surely a way for Amazon to sell more books but it just became available and I think jumping in on these things early can mean, well, getting in early and taking advantage of however Amazon is going to be using it. Plus you get to recommend your favorite books so you can give the non Glennon's a boost.


You know when someone sends you a PDF that requires editing and you're like, "Argh, why didn't they send it as a word doc or Google doc?!" and it feels like too much trouble to ask them to do that?

Or maybe your life is simpler than that and you'd like a way to edit a PDF anyway? Sejda to the rescue. Full disclosure: haven't tried this out yet but 1787 people on Google did and loved it.


You know how I'm always on your case to start a business that your book can support?

Maybe you've rolled your eyes or muttered, "Doesn't she understand I'm an artist!" or just ignored me.

So now try this. Go to Mixo and type in any business related to your book topic. Click "Generate site."

Within seconds, Mixo will have not only created a name for your company but also a website.

It will have created images, a place for people to sign up for your company's email list and even have added testimonials.

Go ahead. Go blow your mind. And then go build that business.


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