Our first release, Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports Agent Hit Bottom at the Top by Darren Prince, received coverage on shows like The Chris Cuomo Show and Good Day LA as well as podcasts like The School of Greatness, The Jordan Harbinger Show, The Dr. Drew Show and more. The release also attracted coast-to-coast book parties and was supported by everyone from Magic Johnson to Dennis Rodman to Hulk Hogan to reality stars Melissa Gorga and Jonathan Cheban.

We understand that books need to be written with a specific audience in mind and that publishing the book is only the beginning—that while the month after the book is released is crucial in terms of getting the world out, the real value exists in the rest of the book's life (which is to say, the rest of the author's life). 

Darren Prince really gets that. As he says...

"Within weeks of the book coming out, I was able to get a get $100,000-a-year spokesperson gig. The book made me into a brand. A month after it came out, I was meeting with Lions Gate about doing a TV show based on my life.

I’m getting $2,500 to $5,000 for speaking gigs and talking about getting $10,000 for a future one.

It’s also helped me get more business because it shows every corporate client who I am and that I’m proud of my journey. It humanizes me so much and transforms a business conversation into a personal one."

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