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If you’re saying, “I don’t have a business. I just want to write a book,” my question for you is: WHY?

Is it possible that the voice that says "No" is the same voice that limits you from investing in yourself? The voice that stops you from making what you're actually worth?

Haven’t you overcome something, learned something, had a journey that people could learn from? 

Don’t you want to help other people not to have to struggle how you did?

Isn’t that why you want to write a book?

Well, why not help them further, while also making you real money?

It is not only possible but likely that readers helped by your book will want to hire you.

You just have to set up the right offer.

And that’s what I'm going to show you how to do.

What you'll learn if you show up...

How to figure out what your future clients & customers want

The options for offers that authors can create

Ways to see how viable your business idea is

How to set up your business in a day & get it going

Plus Q&A, laughs and possibly even an appearance by Bernie the wonder cat

Ready to show up for yourself?


Anna David is the founder of Legacy Launch Pad Publishing. She’s been published in the New York Times, Time, LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon, among many others, written about in Forbes, Martha Stewart Living, Entrepreneur, Allure and Women’s Health and has appeared repeatedly on Today, The Talk, Good Morning America and numerous other programs.

A featured speaker at three different TedX events, Anna hosts a hit publishing podcast that has featured interviews with authors such as Robert Greene and Chris Voss. Her first book, Party Girl, is in development as a film tentatively scheduled to be shot in 2023.

Hear what others are saying...


“If you’re determined to create a groundbreaking book to become the groundbreaking platform upon which to grow your groundbreaking business, you need to watch this."


"Most people are so focused on the writing of their book that they don't think about what will happen after. This course is the bridge for you to evolve your book into a lifelong income. It's the next chapter for any non-fiction author." 


"Even if you feel like you know everything about building a business with a book, seeing the material organized in the way it is was very powerful." 

If you haven’t connected your business idea to a book but are open to the idea that you could, I’m here to help you. If you’re concerned about starting a business because selling your services feels sleezy, I hear you! What I had to get over was that if I am selling something that’s going to transform someone’s life, it’s not sleazy; in fact, it’s the opposite. And it’s selfish of me to not offer it to people because I feel self-conscious.

Whether you host retreats, coach people, speak, create content, consult or do anything else, building a business from your book is a way to make money off your book without ever having to rely on book sales or the whims of the marketplace.

And if you're uncomfortable with the idea of connecting your book to a potential business, I get it.

Many of my clients once felt exactly the same. And look at them today. 

After this masterclass, you'll be able to...

See how your book was only the beginning of your new life

Have the tools to set up a business at almost no cost

Never have to care about book sales again

Learn about who's done this & made millions

Change your life now!