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Our core business is writing and publishing business books for founders and CEOs who want to build their authority.

If that doesn't describe you, we also have products for non-entrepreneurs who want to write and publish their own books.

If you're a member of the first community, please click here, If you're a member of the second community, please click here.

No. We write and publish business books, memoirs and self-help books.

If you're reading this, you probably already know but in addition to the personal satisfaction/bucket list crossing off-ness of it all, there's no greater credibility builder that exists. Our clients have added half a million dollars to their annual bottom line, nabbed six-figure spokesperson deals the week of the book release, sold the movie rights to their books and had the deep privilege of knowing their experiences have helped other people.

Look at it this way: how much business are you losing by not being the leader in your field or having the credibility a book provides? But please remember you need to be the one taking this over the finish line. We are here to get you to the point where you can run with the ball but we aren't the ones who will be making the touchdown. If you don't have a plan to use your book to grow your business or bring you what you want it to, you shouldn't do it. We only want to take on clients that we believe will make back 10 times what they pay us (unless the client is solely after personal satisfaction and doesn't want to use the book to grow a business).

For books that we write and publish, you'll give us a few hours a week of your time and leave with a legacy-leaving book within six months.

We also edit and publish books that are already written but that process varies depending on the state the manuscript is in.

For the books we write, once we have a signed agreement, you will be connected to a writer on our team (some of whom have written for publications like the New York Times, others who are Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling authors). Your author will work with you to craft a manuscript entirely in your voice. The work will be done over a series of scheduled phone calls or meetings. You will also be connected to a project manager who will guide you through this entire journey.

After your interviews are done, your writer will deliver a first draft and you will be asked to provide notes. Your writer will rework the manuscript until you're happy.

Once you approve the final manuscript, it will be given a developmental edit, copy edit and proofread.

You will be given a cover questionnaire to fill out and be asked to provide links to book covers you like. We will create four different options based on your desires and you will select one for us to expand on. If you're not happy with our work at this point, please tell us! We will keep working on the cover until you're thrilled but a cover cannot be changed once you've approved it.

The back cover will include your bio, book description and author photo. We will write your book description and author bio for you with your input.

Your back cover may also include a blurb or two. Blurbs are short recommendations in quote form from luminaries that you are responsible for securing. If you don't know who to approach, we encourage you to look for those who may not be household names but are luminaries in your field or simply have something which recommends them (bestselling author, TEDx speaker, etc). If you do not know anyone who fits, we encourage you to spend the time between your signing with us and your cover design reaching out and getting to know them. Please note that blurbs are not required and most book experts agree that they do not help sell books (have you ever bought a book because of the blurber?) They are solely for "social proof" and you can acquire none, one or dozens; it's entirely up to you.

A foreword is also not required and in some cases, a snippet from the foreword can be used as a blurb. 

Once your book is laid out and your cover designed, it will be made available for purchase on either Amazon or to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and up to 40,000 other outlets, depending on the package you have purchased. If it is uploaded to Ingram, it will be available on Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and a number of other online outlets.

While we offer extras that include marketing and PR services, please note that we are not publicists. We refer our clients to numerous outside experts and are happy to do the same for you. It's never too early to start coming up with a launch plan.

If you want to sell a book to a publisher, you should not reach out to us but instead write a book proposal and seek an agent. (We do not do agent introductions.)

Alas, no. (See previous question.) 

We can do that but do keep in mind that "just needs editing" can mean a myriad of different things. Most manuscripts need substantial work to be published at a level that make it into a book that's indistinguishable from a traditionally published New York Times bestseller. We have a Basic package for books we publish under our secondary imprint but we can't publish any book under the Legacy Launch Pad imprint unless it meets our standards. This means that if you would like to be published under our main imprint, it's likely you would need to purchase a publishing package that includes significant editing.

We have a list of current releases here and you can purchase any of them here.

No, unless there's a reason you'd like us to share a byline. The book is by you; we are just extracting it from you and putting it in its best possible form.

You will keep all proceeds from the book but please keep in mind that few make money from book sales. The money comes from what you can do with the book to leverage your career. To set expectations, know this: when one of our authors appeared on a major national morning show, reached out to his social media (a reach of 700k+) and had the book featured on a number of different mainstream outlets, he sold 1000 books—and that was considered excellent! Though he only made a few thousand dollars from book sales, the new clients he attracted as a result of the book and media appearance made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We can but rest assured we are not out to steal anyone's ideas; as writers, we can barely keep up with our own! And please keep in mind that since you'll be publishing this book, it will soon be accessible to everyone. But if our signing an NDA is important to you, we absolutely will!

No but there are companies we refer to that can assist you in helping your book hit both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

Hiring us means working with a team that has a collective three decades working in publishing who have published New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling books. We work with the top editors, layout designers and cover designers. We are run by a NY Times bestselling author whose books have landed her on Today, Good Morning America, The Talk and more. While you absolutely will be able to find freelancers on sites like Upwork or Fiverr that can edit, layout, cover design and launch, if your book is important to you, it's probably important to put yourself in proven hands. However, we're not here to talk anybody into hiring us; in fact, we keep a running list of potential freelancers you can hire (note: this list isn't vetted; it's a gathering of people who advertise themselves as editors and designers).

We offer coaching in situations where we believe we can be helpful. Please reach out to [email protected] for information about coaching packages.

For Basic and Essential packages, yes. For Advanced and VIP packages, we also make your book available online at up to 40,000 other outlets, including Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart.

No, but you can! If you purchase our Advanced or VIP package, any store can order it. Check out Anna's podcast episode on different methods for getting books in stores here.

Amazing folks! See a partial list here.

Yes! Several of our books have been optioned for movies and since you own your book rights, you are free to do that without our involvement.

While we offer extras that include some marketing options, our regular publishing packages do not include marketing. We do refer out to a variety of publicists, podcast bookers, brand builders and the like.

While we can't guarantee you speaking opportunities, we do offer a service where we create 10-minute talks for our clients based on their books and coach them through delivering them. As a client, you have free access to our Public Speaking for Writers course, which will set you up well for this plan of action. 

While we have written and published books in under a month, the ideal scenario is for us to be able to spend between four and six months working with you on it. All of this is contingent upon our schedule. We are a boutique company that releases no more than two books a month so while we may be able to bring you into the fold quickly, it's possible that we won't be able to release your book for some time.

While we always want to adhere to your wishes, you're hiring us to help you because of our decades of experience in publishing so we strongly urge you to follow our direction.

If you're at the idea stage and aren't sure if there's enough there, your best bet is to book a consulting call which includes a follow-up outline. The cost of the call and outline will be put toward any package you buy.

Yes, we broke down blurbs and forewords in the answer to the third question on this list but here's the short answer on dedication and acknowledgments: your dedication is usually written by a well-known person in your field and is placed at the beginning of your book. Your acknowledgments section appears at the end of your book and include anyone you want to thank for helping you get to the point where you could publish your book.

Yes! See the list here, though keep in mind that this list is not vetted; it is simply a compilation of people who advertise themselves as editors and designers.

The figure can range from 300 copies to millions but this journey isn't about book sales. It is about creating and releasing an exquisite piece of material that can serve as your calling card for the rest of your life. If you're looking to make your investment back through book sales, you will be disappointed. If you are looking to use your book to land new clients, speaking gigs or anything of the sort, expect to make your investment back many times over.

We cannot (please see the above answer for why this is the case).

We do. See the details here.

We will not stop working on this book until you love it. We're not happy until you are. Still, we always like to remind clients that they hired us for a reason—that we have decades of publishing experience and that while we certainly don't know better than them about most things, when it comes to publishing, we probably do.

While this is something every author needs to do for him or herself, we can help! Not only do we offer a class on the topic (which clients receive free access to) but we can also connect you with publicists, bookers, brand builders and marketers who can help make sure your book finds an audience...and your audience finds you. 

Our Basic and Essential packages are ebook only, our Advanced package is ebook and paperback and our VIP package is ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

A large part of our publishing process is finishing the book, which includes editing and cover creation, so it doesn't make sense to hire us if your book and cover are finished. We are not able to just launch.

Once we have put your book on Amazon (or Amazon and Ingram) we will hand over the account so that you can input your banking information and track your sales.

Keep in mind that Amazon and Ingram are printers/distributors as well as sellers so that for every book sold, the cost of printing and shipping is subtracted. 

While some of our packages include printed paperback copies, we connect all our clients to our printer and all are free to order directly (with a minimum of 25). You can also order your book at a discount from your Amazon author account.

No, it doesn't and neither do books you order through your Amazon author account. The only books that count toward sales are books purchased from retailers.

Yes, as long as you have access to the Amazon account where the original book was uploaded. Keep in mind that a proper re-launch that will get you the results you're seeking can involve a complete restructuring and editing of the book, a new cover, new description, new keywords and categories and occasionally even a new title.

Yes. We threw a Hollywood premiere for one of our clients. Once we're moving forward with your book, let's discuss it!

Do you have questions not answered here? Please email [email protected]


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