Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Entrepreneur Publishing Academy. Our mission is to show every listener how they can launch a book that will help them build or grow their business.

Entrepreneur Publishing Academy has received over a million downloads. Per Listen Notes, it's in the top 1% of podcasts and it averages 14,000 downloads per month. The show has been named one of the best publishing podcasts by LA Weekly, Kindlepreneur and Feedspot, among others. Our host Anna David has a reach of over 24,000 followers on Instagram, 22,000 on Twitter and 36,000 on Facebook, with verified accounts on all platforms.

David contributes regularly to Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Psychology Today and has a monthly TV segment focused on books and podcasts on KATU TV/ABC Portland.

According to Coverage Book, David has an estimated view of 21.7 million, based on audience reach and engagement rate on social.

Our primary audience is comprised of college-educated entrepreneurs who have struggled, found success and want to share their experiences and expertise so that others can avoid their pitfalls. Their typical job roles are business owner, coach or creative freelancer, and they trust our recommendations and buy with confidence.

We are looking to showcase products and services that cater to the ambitious, busy authorpreneur—products, software and tools that can help us more efficiently create books that  can make a better world. 

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