Get a front row seat as I move toward the launch of my next book.


Thank you for being a bad-ass.

Er. let's try to be more specific. And maybe less swear-y.

Thank you for being interested in having a front-row seat as I move toward the launch of my ninth book, On Good Authority: 7 Steps to Prepare, Promote and Profit from a How-To Book that Makes You the Go-To Expert.

It's based on not only my own experiences in the trenches of publishing—writing six books for Big 5 publishers and being so broke I didn't have the cab fare to make it to the party for the one that became the New York Times bestseller—but also on the hundreds of interviews I've done on my podcast with top entrepreneurs and bestselling authors. Yes, this book is littered with quotes from folks like Chris Voss, Robert Greene and Jay Abraham.

This book is for you don't have to do what I did: write books without any plan behind them.

It is so you can become an authority in your field.

You already are one. In something. You just need to write and launch a book about it so the whole world knows.

I promise to make your front-row seat worth your while. It won't be quite as exciting as a front row seat at Taylor Swift but at least there won't be any Ticketmaster drama.

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Advance praise for the book...

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth book and series (over eight million copies sold!)

"On Good Authority is the only book you'll ever need if your intent is to create a book that transforms your life, your business, your work and your day so you can produce the stunning results you so long for."