Audiobook Recording (for current clients only)

Why do an audiobook?

Basic math. There are 48.5 million books on Amazon and 200,000 on Audible.

Audiobook recording includes:

  • Recording in a state-of-the-art recording studio in Hollywood, California
  • An engineer directly outside the sound booth to guide you in person through the recording
  • A sound editor to listen to the audio, locate mistakes and direct you on how to re-record
  • Another engineer to master the sound files and make sure they meet Audible production standards
  • A cover specially designed for audio book specs
  • Guidance through the audio book production process so you don't have to navigate unchartered waters on your own
  • An A-level launch
  • Full promotion through our social media channels (an estimated reach of 1 million+ a week)

*Note: if you don't have professional audio experience, we can hire a narrator and complete this process for you