TED X Talk Creation & Training

Your book is your legacy leaver and your calling card, so why would you not make it into a TED talk?

We convert our clients' books into 10-minute talks and then train them in how to deliver the talks with the sort of verve, precision and charm that will have them kill it on a TEDx stage.


Our media coach Jessie Buttafuoco provides one-on-one media training to boost your media skills. 

In addition to appearing on Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz and the Howard Stern show, among many others, Jessie has produced videos for popular You Tubers and social media influencers that have reached millions of viewers.

She hosts the humorous self-help podcast Live Your Life Kween and has produced, choreographed and directed Broadway-style musicals for children and adults. She helps train authors for readings, TV appearances and keynotes.

 10-Minute Talk Training for Authors Includes:

DELIVER A PERFORMANCE, NOT A PRESENTATION: Think performing is for actors only? Think again! Jessie will help you develop skills to perform your work, not just read your words out loud. 

DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: As humans, we are each one-of-a-kind. So whether you’re big-and-loud or still-and-quiet, we’ll find the style that is right for you and that actually is you.

MESSAGES & TALKING POINTS: You'll develop techniques for memorizing primary messages that are compelling and easy to remember in a high-stress environment. 

ON-STAGE PRESENTATION: You’ll know where to look as well as how to move and sound when on an unfamiliar stage.

STAGE READINESS: Appearance standards must be understood and met for maximum impact. Very few organizers offer assistance in this area. Jessie provides clear and achievable advice and recommendations you can use to look your very best, including dress, accessories, hair and make-up.

 TED X Talk Application

For an additional fee, we will locate TEDx events and assist you in applying to them as a speaker. PLEASE note that this service does not GUARANTEE you a TEDx talk but it does guarantee that we will assist you in applying to all the events we have located for you.