More Testimonials for Legacy Launch Pad

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, among 30 other books (eight million books sold)

"You’re a life saver!”

"If you’re determined to create a groundbreaking book to become the groundbreaking platform upon which to grow your groundbreaking business, sign up with Anna David and Legacy Launch Pad to design, build, launch and grow your business with a book, so you can live gloriously as the brilliant expert you deserve to be! Thank you, dear Anna. You’re a life saver!”

Dr. Emily Bashah, clinical and forensic psychologist

"I'm very doubtful that any other publisher would have had that same process outlined in such an exceptional way."

"I'm very doubtful that any other publisher would have had that same process outlined in such an exceptional way. They really supported us, encouraged us, let us know what things meant and what the different steps and stages were. This was such a new experience for us so feeling encouraged, supported and educated was so important...I see our book, Addictive Ideologies, as revamping my identity as a psychologist and it's offering this new, transformative path for my career. This is just such a creative process. I'm really just enjoying the adventure and seeing where we go next!"

Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network

"I now have an ideal calling card that perfectly encompasses all my most important beliefs."

"Using emails and posts I had already written, the Legacy Launch Pad team crafted a full-length manuscript, quickly delivering to me an amazing book with a beautiful cover, layout and message. I literally ‘wrote’ a book without having to write a new word and now I have an ideal calling card that perfectly encompasses all my most important beliefs." 

Ashlea Hearn, Multi-City Editor at 6AM City

"Highly recommend!"

“Legacy Launch Pad provided great advice for reaching my goals and information to start implementing during my book publishing journey, I highly recommend them for anyone out there working on a book or even wanting to know where to start on working on a book.” 

Dan Nicholson, Founder, Nth Degree Accounting and Certified Certainty Advisor

"They were collaborative and there for me at every step."

“I’d been working on my book with another company and felt extremely frustrated by the lack of progress. My business partner connected me to Legacy Launch Pad and suddenly, we were off and running. The editorial team helped me to crystallize my ideas and writing style, and I loved the cover, launch and everything else they did. They were collaborative and there for me at every step. Since the launch, my book has become a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller and brought my Certified Certainty Advisor program new attention. I’m already planning the next book with them.”

Daniel Lebensohn, Founder & Co-CEO BH3 Management 

"They’re the kind of people you look forward to continuing the conversation with for years to come."

 "The entire Legacy Launch Pad team is made up of amazing collaborators. I deeply appreciated their enthusiasm, feedback, guidance and conversations. The impact of all that they do has massive ripple effects and they’re the kind of people you look forward to continuing the conversation with for years to come."

Bonnie Habyan, marketing director

"When I first started to figure out what would be involved in publishing my book, I listened to a lot of podcasts with well-known experts, and I came across Anna. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. My first conversation with her sold me on hiring Launch Pad—it meant a lot that she took the time to talk to me and I felt like she had my back the whole way.

Overcoming the obstacles that were involved in such an ambitious undertaking was thrilling. I proved to myself that I was able to achieve my dream of publishing a book and accomplish a big bucket list item. Working with Launch Pad gave me access to quality professionals who guided me in the right direction and positioned me for a successful publishing and launch.

I’ve met so many amazing people because of my book and was even able to secure a regular spot on a talk show. Publishing a book has helped me further develop my brand and expand my skillset. I have leveraged the book to appear on podcasts and it has also allowed me to start to pursue speaking engagements."

Tom Kirkham, CEO of IronTech Security

“My initial conversation with Anna pretty much took care of anything else—it just had a comfort level—and this team went above and beyond. They always addressed any issues or questions we had in a way that was prompt and respectful of our time. I knew they were doing a lot behind the scenes, but it was really a hands-off kind of deal on my side, which is what I wanted: I wanted it off my plate because I knew I didn’t have time to learn all the intricacies of publishing. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to publish a book to build their business.”

Emily Lynn Paulson, coach and creator of the Sober Mom Squad

“Legacy Launch Pad made the publishing experience absolutely seamless and gave me exactly what I wanted for my book and for my career. Since my book launched, I've been featured on dozens of podcasts and been able to reach people I never would have been able to before. I've been able to get a TED talk, build an online program as well as a coaching business, get on TV shows like Today and The Doctors and into the pages of places like The New York Times. It's so much more than just a book. It's the ultimate business card and it's unlocked so many opportunities. I can't recommend Launch Pad highly enough." 

Brian "Beam" Maue, cofounder and leader of world-ranked innovation company AFWERX

"Legacy Launch Pad was able to answer the question, 'Who should I trust with one of the most important ideas of my life?' They helped sharpen, enhance and then elevate my story and were tactically exquisite! They were also incredibly strategic for the book launch; their methods and suggestions (they offer ideas, but no pushy egos there) were key to helping my book achieve the number one slot in numerous Amazon categories." 

Tim Conn, president and co-founder of Image One USA

"I had an amazing experience with Legacy Launch Pad from start to finish. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process; the team is nothing but professional and I have them to thank for taking the dream of a book to a reality. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book but didn’t know where to start, I would strongly recommend contacting Launch Pad and letting them show you the way." 

Darren Prince, founder, Prince Marketing Group

“There’s nobody better than Legacy Launch Pad. Within weeks of my book coming out, I was able to get a get $100,000-a-year spokesperson gig. It’s also helped my company because it shows every corporate client who I am and that I’m proud of my journey. It humanizes me so much and transforms a business conversation into a personal one. None of this would have happened without Anna and Launch Pad." 

John Wieland, CEO, MH Equipment

"As a one-time author of a book, the Legacy Launch Pad team was incredible. They do all the back-end stuff that I don't know about, they sharpened my transcript and they helped me get a team together to launch my book. Best money I spent on this project."

Joanna Free, Coach

"Working with this team was a delight. It was so much better than not stressful. It was bliss. You said, We're here and ready to do this NOW. Let's GO. And you were. Launching a book with this team is like the difference between Cape Canaveral and shooting off a bottle rocket by myself in a field somewhere. Collaboration and skillfulness. Shared excitement. Shared celebration. It's OUR book. Two weeks later, it's still the number one new release in its category on Amazon Kindle. That would never have happened if I'd done this on my own.

Ten years ago, I self-published a book alone. It was lonely, overwhelming and in ten years, it got two reviews. I was never proud of it because I didn't get the (appropriate, adequate, competent, nurturing) support to do it right. It helped a few people but it didn't do what it could have done if I'd done it right. With a solid team. 

This book has been out for less than a month, it already has 30 solid reviews and it's already touching lives. And I'm proud of it. I'm proud to say, We did this.  

Right now, I'm basking in the joy of a job well done, and the delight in knowing I was a member of that team. It's like the Superbowl and we just got the trophy, and we're taking turns lifting each other up."

Chris Joseph, bestselling author of Life is a Ride

“Legacy Launch Pad was nothing short of amazing; they not only gave me structure and editing but provided all the knowledge and information to get this book on Amazon and Ibooks and Barnes & Noble and all the major platforms and gave me all the information I need about publicizing my book. They're just a wonderful group to deal with. I recommend them highly.”  

Courtney Friel, KTLA newscaster

"Legacy Launch Pad came in at the last minute and rescued me from a terrible situation I was in with trying to get my book out to the world. I didn’t have time to learn how to self-publish myself and there are lots of people out there who want to take advantage of this. The team is made up of total pros; they hustle and know how to make things happen right! Thank you so much!!"

Sarah Birnel, restaurant owner with 13 franchises

"Legacy Launch Pad held my hand every step of the way in this long and emotional process, took care of every detail and really made this entire process seamless. They gave me a voice and I couldn’t be more grateful. I can’t wait to start on book number two!"  

Matt George, CEO of Children's Home of Illinois

"This team cares about the business and also care about you. It was so enjoyable working with them. If I ever had an issue they took care of it. Customer service is top of mind. The quality of experts on the team is also impressive. I could not have had a better experience." 

Jaydee Graham, founder of The Soul Grind community

"Working with Legacy Launch Pad was the best decision I could have made for my publishing process. This team has the fierce and authentic ingredients to make not only the process but your book a success." 

Katie DePaola, founder, Inner Glow Circle Coaching

"I had an incredible experience working with Legacy Launch Pad. From editing to launch, they were reliable, supportive, reassuring and thorough. I highly recommend the Launch Pad team." 

Kelsey Chittick, comedian and podcaster

"Working with Legacy Launch Pad has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. Each person on the team is gifted in their areas of expertise. They allowed me to write my book with support, encouragement and professional insights. They gave me the courage to do what I always wanted to do. To write a book I am proud of and ready to share with the world. I highly recommend working with this dynamic team."

Robert Sikes, #1 ketogenic bodybuilding expert

“Legacy Launch Pad was nothing short of amazing when it came to helping me get totally organized with the proofreading, the editing, the cover design, everything. I’d have a question, I’d send them an email, they’d be back in touch with me in no time at all and everything just looked immaculate. They had a plan, they had a strategy, they had a timeline and everything just worked. I’m super proud of the book and super proud to have worked alongside their amazing team.”

Diana Ragsdale Cannon, artist

“The only reason I slept in the time leading up to my launch is because of the peace of mind Legacy Launch Pad provided offered. When I first met Anna David and Kaitlin Anthony, I had complete confidence in them and their process. If you’re considering publishing and you value your sleep as much as I do, they’re the right choice for you.” 

Jennifer Lovely, coach

“Writing my book with Legacy Launch Pad was the most amazing experience because they made the publishing world seem easy and accessible. Not only is their team professional, but they just love you through what can be a scary process. I really wanted to create more business from my book and the week it was released, I got a magazine column and picked up three new clients. The team not only did the book but also guided me to create a business from it.” 

Jason Korman, CEO and cofounder, Gaping Void

“I refer anyone who wants a high-quality bestselling book to Legacy Launch Pad without reservation. They care passionately about the finished result and it shows in the work they deliver.” 

Lauren Schwarzfeld, coach and leader in community engagement

“I am so grateful for the Legacy Launch Pad team! Navigating through this process with their guidance, expertise and support was an amazing experience.

Having this team as a resource and support made the process less scary, overwhelming and lonely—they provided really amazing emotional support that I didn’t know I was going to be getting. They made this process deeply comforting.

Also, they put a big emphasis on the 'what’s next' aspect—what you do with your book after it comes out, how you use it to grow your platform and business. They made me aware of so many things that I didn’t necessarily think of.

It was an honor to work with them. If you have a story inside of you (and you probably do!), this is the team to bring it to life!!"

Ryan Hampton, recovery advocate and author of American Fix

“Working with the Legacy Launch Pad team is stepping into a world where everything is performed at the highest level. They make all their clients into bestselling authors, launching them to the forefront of whatever field they’re in. If they’re willing to take your project on, you’d be silly to say no since you’d be losing one of the greatest opportunities you’ll have to leave a legacy.” 

Susan Zinn, licensed psychotherapist 

“I have Legacy Launch Pad to thank for the fact that I’m finally on the road to launching a book. Their feedback, notes and encouragement has been invaluable.” 

Erin Ranta, coach and teacher

"Working with Legacy Launch Pad has been such a rewarding experience. I am a novice in the world of writing and publishing but this team truly helps people share their story. They have so much insight into the nuts and bolts of the publishing world and make it approachable. They work with professionalism, personalization and humor, which makes the experience cohesive and exciting. I highly recommend Legacy Launch Pad!" 

Tamar Hermes, real estate investor and coach

When I knew I wanted to publish a book, I spoke to numerous companies out there. What impressed me about Legacy Launch Pad is that they not only had all the skills and experience to launch my book just like a traditionally published New York Times bestseller but that they put a lot of emphasis on what I wanted the book to do for me and my career. They held my hand through a complicated process, breaking everything down in ways that made my part easy. And they not only sent me a custom designed cake with my book cover on it to celebrate my launch day but actually sent me a client because the bakery owner read my book and signed up to work with me! Legacy Launch Pad was a win every step of the way."

Barbara Legere, author and activist

"Legacy Launch Pad did an excellent job. I couldn’t be happier with all of it—especially my editor, who kept everything in my voice and really understood me. She knew my message and how important it was. That was huge."