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We publish books that radically transform our clients' careers—and lives.

With this course, I'm teaching you everything we do for them.

I'm Anna.

I'm the founder of Legacy Launch Pad Publishing as well as a New York Times bestselling author who was broke for years despite being a New York Times bestselling author. The reason I was broke is that I was allowing traditional publishers to control my career. Then I figured out how to publish my own books. Since then, I have not only sold more books than I did as a traditionally published author but I've also been able to build a business as a result of those books that has brought in over a million dollars.

Now my team and I help other entrepreneurs and thought leaders do the same—and I'm teaching you the first steps of what we do here.

You won't have to spend more than five hours watching the course videos; the majority of your work will be the implementation of our most effective methods. Each module is essentially hundreds of hours of my own trial and error (mostly error) distilled into nine videos so you can skip the decades I spent having to figure all of this out. 

I'll see you on the bestseller list.


Despite what you may have been told, it is possible to learn—quickly and efficiently—all the basics when it comes to prepping your book for publication.

But I get it. You've heard otherwise. And besides, you're thoroughly overwhelmed by the notion of writing, let alone launching, your book.

You've Googled it, asked people about it and still don't understand how you're supposed to get a cover or an editor. And forget wondering how to get blurbs or a foreword—you're still trying to figure out what they are!

That's where I come in.

As I told you, I'm a traditionally published New York Times bestselling author who left the world of traditional publishing to form a high-end boutique publishing company that writes and launches books for seven-figure entrepreneurs.

Honestly, I didn't think it was going to be that hard; I'd spent, after all, over a decade in traditional publishing. But I couldn't believe how little concrete information I could find from reputable sources about how to actually launch a book. So I spent years dedicating myself to figuring it out. And I did.

Every single one of Launch Pad's clients have become #1 bestselling authors. Some of them have sold the movie rights for their books while others have been able to use their books to get on shows like The Doctors and Today and still others have added half a million dollars to their annual bottom line.

All because they were able to launch bestselling books.

By serving these clients, I've figured out every detail when it comes to having an A+ launch. And now I've broken down each step into a bite-sized module that can take you from manuscript to bestseller. Honestly, I'm giving away all my secrets for a song.

Because here's the deal.

Our launch packages cost between $6-$12,000 and our writing and launch packages range between $40-$60,000. In this course, I am giving you everything we do to prep our clients' books for publication. While you will clearly have to do the work yourself and there are many more steps to take (all of which you can get in our Launch Your Book course), you are snagging all our insider publication prep secrets here.

What you will learn

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Essential title elements, why you should have a subtitle, keywords in titles, title testing & more

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What they are, what they do and don't do, who you ask and don't ask to blurb, where you use them & more

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Why not to follow the traditionally published book format, the importance of bullet points and how to have two descriptions instead of one

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How to decide on colors, fonts and concepts; how to research covers; why tone, originality and space matter; why to be open to new ideas & more

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How to make yours professional and compelling

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Disclaimer, copyright, legal reads




  • 9 videos, MP3s and PowerPoints
  • 14 PDFs of swipe copy, cheat sheets and more
  • Lifetime access
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“Whether you’re an aspiring author or your bookshelf is filled with books you’ve written, this course is an absolute must-have. Through the practical step-by-step guidance provided, my confidence on the journey towards becoming a published author has not only soared but has also become a regularly scheduled time that I enjoy fully immersing myself in. This course is an investment you’ll deeply appreciate having made in yourself as a writer for years to come."

- Violet-Rose Pharoah

I know what you're thinking...

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