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What does publishing a book do for you?

Jump the front of the line, be a hero to your family and friends, and have the most impressive “business card” imaginable. Plus:

  • Be first in line for media and speaking gigs (and have an automatic topic for both: your book)
  • Stop wasting money on ads, PR and ineffective brand-building
  • Stop wasting time, effort and money on client acquisition
  • Stop wasting time creating future content for blog posts, social media, newsletters, podcasts and more (they can come from your book!)
  • Rise above the competition in the eyes of potential clients

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Legacy Launch Pad has been featured on/in...

It’s getting increasingly hard to stand out from the competition. 

It's gotten to the point, in fact, where if who haven't published a book, you may be left out in the cold. With the economic climate headed for a downturn, having a legacy book that's indistinguishable from a traditionally published NEW YORK TIMES bestseller is more important than ever.

There tend to be three reasons entrepreneurs publish books:

1) They need a free lead magnet.

2) They want to just have a book out there so they can be thought of as an expert/author. They don't care about the content or whether or not people read it.

3) They want a "legacy" book—one that they want the right people to read...people who will be dramatically impacted AND want to hire them.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the first two types of books but it's just not what we do. We write and publish legacy books that change the lives of our clients.

We do all the heavy lifting in terms of interviewing, writing, shaping, editing, laying out, designing and launching to bestseller status your story in your voice, leaving you free to simply share your wisdom with your personal writer.

The books we've created have helped our clients embrace being in the center stage of their industry—adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line, landing mainstream media appearances, giving TEDx talks and much more. It's granted those with services to sell the sort of instant credibility that creates a line of quality customers who want to hire "the person who wrote the book on the topic."

In short, they've gotten overnight exposure that lasts a lifetime.

See some examples here.

Are you tired of seeing your competitors being quoted in the media, landing the speaking gigs and getting the higher-quality clients?

Which Are You?

I want to hire you to write and launch my book

Would you like to share your experiences, lessons and values with the world?

Do you want highly credentialed publishing experts to bring you into their fold?

Have you wasted money on different marketing techniques that didn't work?

I want to write and launch my own book

We're a boutique company that works with a limited number of clients every season. Are you going to be one of them?


99 out of 100 books fail to make an impact. We’re here to change that.


Who Will You Be Working With?

Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is a woman-run, Hollywood-based, done-for-you publishing company that gives you the A-list celebrity experience: your ghostwriter, editor and publisher wrapped up in one elite package.

Read about the team here.


We're the only hybrid publishing company run by a New York Times bestselling author of eight books who’s done three TEDx talks. We are a collective of New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors who write for publications like the New York Times, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. [FIND OUT MORE ABOUT US & OUR PROCESS HERE.]

This is your road to the forefront of your industry.

Through it, you'll be able to skip the trials of traditional publishing, the years of attempting to write your own book without any knowledge of the industry and the frustration of attempting to get attention from an ever distracted audience.

While each book is individually tailored to each client, our proven bestseller system launches these books into the world with the recognition they deserve.

If you work with us and follow our guidance, you will become a #1 bestselling author.

That's awesome for bragging rights but want to know what’s even better? YOUR CAREER—AND LIFE—WILL CHANGE AS A RESULT OF YOUR BOOK.

As a result of their books, our clients have been featured on mainstream media—on shows like Today, Good Morning America and The Doctors, podcasts hosted by Lewis Howes and Jay Shetty and in publications like the New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail and more.

Others have sold the movie rights to their books to companies like the producers of Ozark and Scorcese's The Irishman.

Still others have added hundreds of thousands to their bottom line as a result of their books.

What's it going to be for you?


Our clients like us, they really like us!

To find out just how much, check out the video above.

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What are the steps to joining their ranks?

Peruse our services. If you find one you'd like, apply for a call with a team member.

Schedule calls with a writer assigned to be your personal documentarian.

Allow us to write, edit, lay out, design and launch your bestselling book.



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Our founder Anna David's weekly podcast, Entrepreneur Publishing Academy, is in the top 1% of popular podcasts and regularly tops best publishing podcast lists. It features solo episodes as well as interviews with authors and experts about building a business from a book. 

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