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The Magic Makers of Publishing

Anna David


Anna is a New York Times bestselling author of eight books and three-time TEDx speaker.

She has appeared on Good Morning America, Today Show, The Talk, and dozens of other programs.

She's written for Time, The New York Times and Playboy, among dozens of other publications, the book critic for KATU TV/ABC Portland.

Anna was obsessed with Judy Blume from an age where she was probably too young to be reading her books and submitted her first story, "All About My Splinter" from My Garden of Adventures, Book 1 to Boing magazine when she was 12 (it was not accepted).

For more about Anna, click here.

Ryan Aliapoulios

Editorial Director

Ryan is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience.

Ryan has written for Michigan Movie Magazine, After Party Magazine and Shareably and has worked with Cobalt Films.

In his role as Deputy Editor, Ryan  oversees our team of writers to make sure every book hits the mark with our clients.

After learning to read as a toddler by decoding logos in advertisements (beginning with AT&T), in first grade Ryan had already enlisted his gram to help him write and illustrate books of his own—about monsters and princes but also non-fiction about geology, the immune system and other obsessions.


Katie Cosgrove

Project & PR Director

A business operations professional with over 10 years of experience, Katie is an expert at positioning entrepreneurs as leading authorities with impactful book launches.

At Legacy Launch Pad, she's in charge of operational efficiency, marketing, graphic design, and copywriting so that every book launches as a #1 Amazon bestseller in multiple categories.

Katie has always been a beacon of efficiency as far back as kindergarten, where she organized kids in groups for playtime based on their hobbies. Growing up with the need for structure, she often led group projects and complained when things weren't logically organized. 


Kaitlin Anthony

Client Account Manager

Kaitlin Anthony is an empowerment coach with expertise in sales and publishing.

She is the creator of The Beam Life community, podcast and journal, she excels at bringing first-time authors into the wild world of publishing.

When she was seven, her favorite part of the school week was Show and Tell because it's when she got to hear other kids tell stories about their life and why something was so important to them. (Bonus: she also got to be in charge of the activity.)

Onur Aksoy


Onur Aksoy has been a designer for nearly 20 years and works for clients all over the world from his home in Melbourne, Australia.

Onur's passion for design began in second grade when—not even knowing what graphic design was—he purchased a Signs, Symbols and Logos book from the book shop. From there, his interests expanded to include illustration, animation, scriptwriting, filming, music creation and even sound design but he's managed to narrow his creative focus down to book cover design. 

Meet Our Team of Specialists

Mileyka Chevere

Project Manager and Marketing Specialist 

With over three years of experience as a project manager, Mileyka's journey is marked by a knack for problem-solving, creative marketing and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of storytelling.

To the surprise of no one who has worked with her, Mileyka's childhood nickname was "Office Depot" because of how meticulously she plans everything (she's still trying to outgrow it).

Corrine Casanova

Editorial Concierge

Corrine Casanova's first entry into book publishing was as an acquisitions editor at Hazelden Publishing. 

A journalist at heart, she has an insatiable curiosity about the why of things. That "dig deeper" philosophy comes in handy when working with authors.
Her love of books came early. She vividly recalls the excitement of going to the Bookmobile (a library on wheels) in third grade after school. She would fill her book bag to the brim and be the first in line the following week, ready to devour more books.

Jessica Ogilve

Editorial Manager and Writer/Editor

Jessica is an award-winning writer and editor who's worked as contributing editor at Playboy and been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Weekly, Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed and more.

Her journalism has been recognized by the Los Angeles Press Club, the California Press Women's Association, the National Federation of Press Women and the Media Industry News Editorial Board.

Jessica stumbled into writing after a friend asked for help crafting a sketch comedy show, and she hasn’t looked back since.


Crystal Sershen


Crystal Sershen began her writing and editing career in television, as a story editor for Bravo, MTV and VH1. Transitioning her passion for storytelling to the stage and mic, she performed theatrically throughout Southern California and has voiced dozens of audiobooks.

Back on the page, Crystal now works with authors to develop and share their stories, embracing what she’s come to know as the most gratifying calling of all.

An admitted grammarholic, she relishes every syntactical challenge, semicolon and turn of phrase along the way.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper


Natasha Vargas-Cooper's work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Bookforum, New York, The Guardian and The New Statesman.

Her book, Mad Men Unbuttoned: A Romp Through America of the 60's, was published by Harper Collins.

In high school, Natasha was threatened with suspension and banishment from the prom for the critical opinion pieces she wrote for the high school newspaper where she served as editor (note: she had no interest in going to the prom).

Angela Serratore


Angela Serratore's work has appeared in Smithsonian, The New York Times Magazine, Lapham's Quarterly, The Paris Review, Curbed and BuzzFeed, among other outlets.

A weekly columnist for The New York Times, she holds a Master's in Historic Preservation from Columbia University.

Angela's passion for writing became evident when she started a class newspaper in sixth grade and quickly realized that she wanted to write the whole thing by herself. Her teacher told her, with more than a touch of exasperation, that what she clearly wanted to do was write a book.

Antonia Murphy


Antonia Murphy is the author of the memoir Dirty Chick and has a feature film about her experience running a legal escort agency in development as a TV show.

An early fan of horror, science fiction and Monty Python, Antonia penned her first short-form piece, Nightmare on YRACS Street, at age 9. The name of the street was later changed to "Elm" for the film adaptation, for which she was never credited.

Heather Wood Rudúlph


Heather Wood Rudúlph was a culture correspondent at Refinery 29 and authored two columns about entrepreneurs for Cosmopolitan.

She was also a HuffPost senior editor and the editorial director at DAME Magazine. A contributor to multiple anthologies, Rudúlph's book Sexy Feminism has been translated into four languages.

Heather was that kid who always had her hand up in class—not because she knew the answer, but because she had follow-up questions for the teacher. 

Halina Newberry Grant


A Pacific Northwest native, Halina Newberry Grant has had her work featured in Cosmo, The Huffington Post, Today's Parent and a range of notable but now defunct online publications.

She loves to write about addiction and recovery, eating disorders, parenting and the human spirit.

When she's not working on her own book, she loves nothing more than helping others find the right words to tell their stories, listening to podcasts about ghosts and deleting extra spaces after periods. 

Michael Sandlin


Michael Sandlin's writing has appeared in Time Out New York, Village Voice and Bookforum, among many others. He holds an MA in English Literature and Culture from the University of Birmingham (UK).

His first foray into the world of print was in the fourth grade, when he was publisher/illustrator/writer of his own hand-drawn humor magazine called Laugh! While the first run of 10 copies was destroyed by his cat Pepper, the second printing of 10 copies sold out in 20 minutes to his homeroom classmates.

Our Story

Read our founder Anna David's story here.

The short version is that Anna wanted to write a book since she was six years old and discovered, via the Guinness Book of World Records, that the youngest author was four. It took a few decades but she was able to have six of her books acquired and published by major publishers.

Through that process, Anna discovered that books provided instant authority. And so, after decades in the traditional publishing world, she decided to create a custom publishing company with one mission: to help brilliant business owners write and launch authority-establishing, legacy-leaving books.

With a published book as their calling card, Legacy Launch Pad clients have the power to own their authority and charge what they are truly worth.

Anna believes that every business owner has a story to tell, and her mission is to help them tell it in the most impactful way possible. She knows that quickie, formulaic books just become shelf decorations while legacy-leaving, authority-building books open doors, attract higher-quality clients and bring in endless opportunities. 

Anna is a New York Times bestselling author of 8 books and 3x TEDx speaker who's appeared on Good Morning America, The Talk and The Today Show ...

You’ll immediately notice our creative approach to every aspect of the publishing process. We understand that your book is more than just a story; it's your legacy. That’s why we're committed to helping you craft a compelling narrative, design a visually stunning cover and produce a final product that meets the highest industry standards.

Other companies promote how many thousands of books they’ve done. We’re the opposite. We accept only a fraction of the people who reach out to us and publish fewer than 20 books a year.

We’ve all seen books with quality that reflects negatively on the author. We don’t want that for you. But we’re also not for everyone. We are for a unique client—one who wants the white-glove experience, who wants to be part of an exclusive community and who qualifies based on their strong revenue models and potential to become the best-known leaders in their industry.


What Makes Us Different

Legacy Launch Pad sets itself apart from other book publishing companies by working exclusively with business owners who have spent years achieving success and need a book that showcases that. We know that a legacy-leaving book can change your career—and life.

Publishing isn’t a business we stumbled on a few years ago. It’s one we’ve always been in.

Our founder has worked in publishing since the 90s and published six books traditionally before discovering custom publishing. Our writers are New York Times columnists and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors who are obsessed with creating legacy-leaving books that are indistinguishable from traditionally published bestsellers.

In addition to The New York Times, our team has written for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, The Smithsonian and The Paris Review, among many other prestigious publications.

We excel at taking decades of your experience and distilling it into something that can be consumed in days. In the same way that you hire a top financial advisor even though you could manage your own investments, you need a high-level partner to create a book that will do justice to what you’ve achieved. 

We take pride in our individualized approach, where every book is loved and nurtured into existence, and we only work with a select group of clients who are committed to producing a quality product. If you're ready to create a book that establishes you as the preferred and trusted authority in your industry, apply to work with us and we'll assign you members of our team that will turn you into a rock star in your industry.

Get your own dedicated team of experts to help you achieve your publishing goals.

We are committed to providing personalized support for each of our clients. That's why we assign a dedicated success team to work with you throughout your book publishing journey.

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What do the people we've worked with have to say?


"Tactically exquisite."

"Legacy Launch Pad was able to answer the question, 'Who should I trust with one of the most important ideas of my life?' They helped sharpen, enhance and then elevate my story and were tactically exquisite! They were also incredibly strategic for the book launch; their methods and suggestions (they offer ideas, but no pushy egos there) were key to helping my book achieve the number one slot in numerous Amazon categories."

Brian "Beam" Maue

Cofounder and leader of world-ranked innovation company AFWERX


"An amazing experience from start to finish."

"I had an amazing experience with Legacy Launch Pad from start to finish. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process; the team is nothing but professional and I have them to thank for taking the dream of a book to a reality. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book but didn’t know where to start, I would strongly recommend contacting Launch Pad and letting them show you the way."

Tim Conn

President and co-founder of Image One USA


"I got to see my vision materialize."

"It was my dream to maybe one day write a book and Legacy Launch Pad helped in every way. I had an idea for a book, but I didn't know how to put it together. At first, I was doubtful about how it would all turn out but because I knew I was working with professionals, I just trusted the process. They taught me the importance of having systems and the right people in the right places when you're publishing a book and because of that, I got to see my vision materialize."

Carla Moreno

Realtor & real estate investor


"Nothing short of world class."

"Legacy Launch Pad is absolutely incredible! I am immensely grateful for their amazing team, as without them, I would never have been able to finish and publish my book. From start to finish, everything provided by Legacy Launch Pad was nothing short of first-class. My assigned writer, Ryan, did a remarkable job breathing life into my manuscript and ensuring that the entire story flowed seamlessly. The LLP team expertly structured the book, making it effortlessly readable and digestible for readers. I was particularly impressed with Anna and Katie, who were always available to provide valuable guidance on how to successfully launch the book and shared fantastic ideas for promoting both the book and my business. After such a positive experience, my wife and I have already made the decision to entrust Legacy Launch Pad with our future projects. They have truly earned our trust and loyalty."

Nick Terry, Co-founder, Honu House Hawaii

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