About Us

We are a collective of New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling authors who write for publications like the New York Times, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. We come from the traditional publishing world and our founder is often called upon to share her knowledge from over two decades of working in publishing—speaking at masterminds and events worldwide, being profiled and quoted in leading publications, hosting a top-rated publishing podcast and serving as the on-air book critic for ABC/KATU  Portland.

At Legacy Launch Pad, we write and publish books for entrepreneurs and thought leaders that get them wherever they want to go, whether that's sharing their expertise on TV shows, speaking on stages, attracting more business, leaving a legacy or all of the above. 

About You

You've wanted to write a book for a long time—possibly your whole life. Maybe you've started, maybe you're still in the thinking-about-it stage. But it's a big decision and you want to pick the right collaborator to get you from being part of the 81% of people who want to write a book to the 3% that DO. It's a big investment—emotionally and financially.

You know you need help with it but you want the right people to help you.

Here’s the thing: we’re not the right people for everybody.

Our services are pricey. We’re sticklers who obsess over every comma. We’re going to ask you to dig deep so we can extract everything we need to in order to create the best book we can. 

But if we are right for you, we can pinky promise that you’re going to feel the way these folks have.

Look, we know you’ve accomplished a lot and lived a life and a half.

That's why you're uniquely qualified to share what you’ve been through with others. You've done a lot, are at the top of your game and deserve recognition.

And we can help you get it.


A Note From Our Founder 

When my first book, Party Girl, was released in 2007, I had no idea it would make me into an “expert.” But before the book was even released, CNN, Today, Fox News—all the TV networks—started calling, asking me to come on their shows to talk about celebrities and addiction. (This was the year Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan kept making news for being crazy party girls.)

The first time I watched myself on a major news program spouting off my opinion, it was thrilling to see where it said “Anna David, Author, Party Girl” on the screen as I spoke. The next time I was on TV, however, the ID was different. This time it read: “Anna David, Addiction Expert.”

Waaaaa? I called the TV agent I’d started working with. “CNN f-ed up,” I told him. “They put ‘Addiction Expert’ as my identifier. And clearly I’m not an expert in anything but f-ing up and writing a book about it.”

Silence. “Are you there?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “What’s the problem?” 

“I’m going to get found out as a fraud!” I exclaimed. “I think I'd better go back to school to get a Master’s in Psychology so I can actually be an expert.”

He was silent for a beat and then spoke slowly, like he was talking to a child. “You don’t need a degree,” he said. “You have a book.”

And that’s when I realized he was right. No one cared about what I'd studied in college but everyone cared that I had a book. It made me stand out from all the other people out there with my experience.

Years later, once this had been proven true for me over and over again and I’d been able to help more people than I’d ever dreamed of because of my “expertise,” I knew I wanted to create this opportunity for other people who'd survived and thrived. I wanted to help those with hard-earned experience share their stories so that they, too, could become experts in the eyes of the world and in turn help countless people. I wanted to bear witness to the Domino effect through books.

The fact is this: if you have experience with something, you are an expert. And once you’re an author, the world will acknowledge it and ask you to share your message.

About the team...


About the Process

Through a series of in-person sessions, online meetings or calls spaced out according to your schedule, we research, write, edit and launch a full-length book entirely in your voice and with your byline.

We don’t care if you’re talking to us from the car, the lake house or the plane (actually, it may be kind of hard to hear you from the plane but we’re a-okay with the lake house so long as one day, once you’re a celebrated author, we wrangle an invite).

All we care about is that you’re focused so we can take you from book idea to bestselling author within six months.

We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality books on the market and obsess over every word and image because we know there’s no point in leaving a legacy if it’s not the best. Our books are indistinguishable from the biggest publishing companies in the world—something we know because we’ve been published by them.

(Translation: we’re writing snobs. Trust us, that’s a good thing. You just don’t want to be inside our brains when we’re reading crappy books.)

About What Makes Us Different 

It's pretty simple, actually.

We're a woman-run business intent on providing a bespoke experience. We're not a factory that releases hundreds of books a year. In fact, we work with only a fraction of the people who contact us so that we can keep the quality of our work at the highest level.

If there was a way to take on more business and still keep clients this happy, we would but we don’t need to be Jennifer Aniston; Tilda Swinton suits us just fine. (Google her if you need to; she’s cool).

We don't have a generic formula we follow for each book, since each one is individually crafted out of your unique story and in your unique voice. We do, however, have a proven bestseller formula and a way of launching your book into the world in a way that makes it indistinguishable from a traditionally published New York Times bestseller. We also offer add-ons that no other publishing company does—including TEDx talk creation and training, and myriad marketing offers.

For us, this is an intimate process. We're extracting some of your most personal stories from you—and we're honored to do so. We want you to feel safe and taken care of—like you can reach out to us at any time. And we won't rest until you're thrilled with the final product. We are a "say yes" company; whatever you want, we want to give it to you.

(Unless it’s illegal; we draw the line there. Though we have been known to jaywalk.)

While we have established roots in both publishing and Hollywood (and several of our books have been optioned as movies), we're not here to try to impress you with our connections. We're here to impress you with how much we care about your project and how committed we are to working as hard as we can until you're thrilled with the result. You're the star; we're just here to make the world aware of that. (Aniston OR Swinton. Who are we to judge?)