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You’re in the right place—a place where you keep 100% of the rights and profits, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our unique approach to book publishing has helped numerous CEOs, founders and thought leaders tell their stories and build their legacies. With our done-for-you writing and publishing services, we’ll handle the heavy lifting and guide you through the entire process. If you're interested, please apply for an interview below. If it seems like you're a good fit, we'll reach out to schedule a call.

What does publishing a book do for you?

Jump to the front of the line, be a hero to your family and friends and have the most impressive “business card” imaginable. Plus:

  • Establish credibility and position yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Increase your visibility and expand your reach, opening up opportunities for speaking engagements, media appearances and more.
  • Build a platform to share your unique story, experiences and insights with a wider audience.
  • Attract more clients and customers by showcasing your expertise and value.
  • Become a rock star in your industry, so you can lead and shape the conversations in your industry.
  • Save the time and money you've been wasting on marketing efforts that don't convert into sales.

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*Trying to decide if you're ready to make this kind of investment? Consider this: the rough statistic is that the average first-time author spends about 300 hours writing a book. Calculate how much you're paid for an hour of your time and multiply that by the hours you believe you'd spend writing (do the same when calculating the editing, design and publishing costs). Then consider how much a new client could net you and how many new clients you believe the book could bring in over your lifetime.