Call and Outline

Are you feeling called to write a book but have no idea how to start? Or have you started writing your book, only to find yourself confused and overwhelmed?

Do you wish you could talk to an expert who could, through one conversation, provide you with a map for how to move forward? This is for those who are ready to get started on a book but need a sherpa to help figure out what the book is and how to get started.

On the roughly hour-long call, we'll interview you until we can clearly break down your book idea.

Within a week, we will present you with a 2-4 page outline for your book based on what we gleaned during the call so you can proceed with writing your book. If you decide you want to hire us to help after that, the cost of the outline will be applied toward any of our other services.

Chris Joseph, bestselling author of Life is a Ride and editor of The Epiphanies Project

"I’d never written a memoir before, let alone a book outline. While I knew the story that I wanted to write, I was far less sure as to how to wrap my mind around getting started. The Legacy Launch Pad Publishing team invested a significant amount of time listening and talking to me about my story and my writing goals, and subsequently crafted a wonderful outline that I used as a jumping-off point to write my memoir. I highly recommend this service."

The cost is two payments of $1000 but this offer is invitation-only. Please email [email protected]¬†for more information.

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