We're a publishing enterprise exclusively for Genius Network members who would like to publish books or podcasts under the Genius Network division.

If you're interested in publishing a Genius Network book or podcast, the first step is to make a $500 donation to Genius Recovery. This will count toward an hour-long Book Discovery Call or an hour-long Podcast Discovery Call.

While the Discovery Call does not constitute a commitment to move forward with a Genius Network book or podcast, making your donation and scheduling the call now means you will be first in line for one of the five book spots and five podcast spots that are available for the third quarter of 2023.

Twenty percent of the proceeds of all Genius Network Publishing contracts will go to Genius Recovery.

The Book Discovery Call will be with a member of the Legacy Launch Pad Publishing team. In it, you’ll be fleshing out your book idea, your publishing goals, your book's positioning and your promise to the reader as well as going over a market analysis, marketing and promotion plan and book client acquisition strategy. The goal of the call will be for you to come out of it with a clear book concept that can both build your authority and attract clients.

The Podcast Discovery Call will be with a member of the Podcast Partnership team. In it, you’ll cover the four questions you must answer before you take on a podcast project. Paul Colligan and his team will also help you work through the Team Clarity Matrix™ to figure the “whos” you’ll need to produce the results you are looking for. You’ll then cross-reference the results with the Genius Publishing offerings to understand the best option for what’s next.

Whichever option your choose, when the call is complete, you may take all the information and move forward with your podcast or book projects however you’d like (albeit this time, with some Genius Direction). If you decide to have your book or podcast produced under the Genius Network Publishing banner, the donation you made to Genius Recovery will count toward your investment.

Choose below which offer you would like your Genius Recovery donation applied to: a Discovery Call about your future book or a Discovery Call about your future podcast.

Once you have made your donation, someone from the Genius Network Publishing team will reach out to schedule your Discovery Call.