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These 5 steps are crucial if you want to launch a non-fiction book that actually changes your life. 

The sad part is that the majority of people skip them, and that's why their books don't change their lives at all. I don't want this to happen to you. Fill in your information below and let me help you! 

Hi. I'm Anna David.

When I first started writing books, I had no idea one of them would become a New York Times bestseller. The sad part is, despite that success, I was broke...
Until a few years ago.
That's when I figured out the model of how to write a book that changes the life of the author.
Learning how to do this has transformed my life.
Now I want to share it so I can help transform yours—if you'll let it.

Get My 5 Steps to Creating a Book that Changes Your Life Cheat Sheet

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