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Are you feeling called to write a book but have no idea how to start? Do you wish you could talk to¬†one of the world's top writing and publishing experts‚ÄĒsomeone who could¬†provide you with a detailed, complete map for how to move forward? This is for those who are ready to get started on a book but need a top-level sherpa to¬†map out the exact steps they need to take.

Our book templates are comprehensive 10-20 page highly personalized guides meticulously crafted by highly skilled and experienced writers.

Our writers have created USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling books and they'll bring all their expertise and knowledge to your project to ensure you have a template that's top notch and can lead you toward writing a high quality book that has the potential to become a bestseller.

Your personal writer will conduct a series of in-depth interviews with you to gather information that will form the basis of the template's content. Because your writer has gathered your thoughts and ideas and presented them back in a thorough, clear and concise manner, you'll have the exact the road map you need to write a book that both flows seamlessly and grabs your readers.

In addition to bringing out all the personal elements of your story and experience from you, your writer will
gather information about your intended audience, your goals for the book and your overall tone and style.

Your final template will be uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that your book is a true reflection of your vision.

Even better? The cost of the book template will be applied towards any future editing/publishing package.

Two payments of $2500

Application only

Dr. Heather Branstetter, ND
Founder/President/Medical Director, A Better Life Naturopathic Healthcare, PA

"By working with an experienced author who conducted a thorough interview, the template for my upcoming book on A Better Life Naturopathic Healthcare was nothing short of exceptional. The attention to detail, deep understanding of the subject matter and seamless collaboration made the process enjoyable and highly effective. I wholeheartedly recommend Legacy Launch Pad for authors seeking experienced guidance in crafting their literary works. Great job!"

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