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Anna D- Party Girl 20 Years Later


When Party Girl was released by HarperCollins in 2007, it was hailed as the book that launched the “Quit Lit” movement. With a movie deal in the works, the book that started it all is now back to entertain audiences yet again with a story that shows the surprising hilarity of a sober life.

Celebrity journalist Amelia Stone is the quintessential Hollywood party girl: she stays out late, rubs shoulders (and occasionally more) with celebrities and ingests copious amounts of cocaine.

But after losing her job, her friends and much of her mind, Amelia makes the drastic decision to end her drug abuse. Once sober, she's hired by a big-name magazine to write a column detailing her wild adventures and she starts seeing the man who could be her Mr. Right.

There's just one problem. Overnight, Amelia has become the new face of Hollywood nightlife, and her editors—who don't know she's come clean—want her to play the part. As the lure of her former fast-and-furious lifestyle begins to pull at her, she must decide whether to save herself or salvage her reputation as the ultimate party girl.

The New York Post

“With Party Girl, Anna David may have invented a new sub-genre: chick lit with a message.” .

Library Journal

"Anna David deftly injects humor into a serious subject."


“David’s debut novel combines a candid picture of addiction and recovery with scandalously funny, only-in-LA adventures.”


“In a world where the red carpet often leads to rehab, this tale of self-destruction and reinvention is perfect for gossip-hungry readers.”

Los Angeles Confidential

“A mouthwatering read, especially for those out there who salivate over Page Six blind items. Studios sniffed around even before the book hit the shelves.”

Sarah Hepola, New York Times bestselling author of Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

“Funny, touching, and compulsively readable, Anna David’s Party Girl skewers the myth of the sexy free spirit whose capers win over cocktail hours even as they chip away at her soul. Amelia’s story may be sensational, but her predicament is common: The world doesn’t always like it when women sober up, and there are many rewards to keep playing a role. But the real prize is winning yourself back.”

Jerry Stahl, bestselling author of Permanent Midnight

"Anna David writes with a strain of relentless, self-deprecating genius that re-casts the worn-down hooves of Prada-wearing demons with spanking new kicks. Party Girl is the kind of book it’s impossible to read without stopping to repeat great lines to total strangers, who will then try and follow you home. The writing is at once laugh-out loud hysterical and Capote elegant…. Every generation deserves an epic worthy of its own glam self-destruction and redemption. This time, Party Girl earns the crown. It’s a fantastic, beautifully written and authentic slice of a life that looked shiny on the outside. By the end, the reader is just praying Ms. David will get back in her chair and write After-Party.”

Cindy Chupack, Sex and the City staff writer, New York Times bestselling author of The Between Boyfriends Book

Party Girl is a smart, hilarious and sometimes poignant page-turner that takes you past the velvet ropes and into the rabbit hole of the Hollywood party scene. Anna addresses addiction, recovery and modern love in such a funny, honest, caustic and no-holds-barred way, you feel like you’ve lived it (and in the case of Anna’s delightfully flawed and redeemed heroine) survived it.”


Erica Spiegelman, bestselling author of Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Recovery

Party Girl has it all—action, heartbreak, redemption, humor and inspiration. If you have ever been a party girl, this book will hit home. This story showcases recovery and addiction in all its truth but with a side of humor; you will laugh out loud and want more! A must read!”

Lisa Smith, award-winning author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar

“Party Girl is a must-read, wild ride through the glittering world of Hollywood and its excesses. Gripping from start, it is both laugh out loud funny and achingly honest. With its irresistible heroine, Party Girl sets the standard for stories of addiction and recovery.”

Dr. Josh Lichtman, psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist

Party Girl is like Bret Easton Ellis in Technicolor; just as dark and real, but so much more fun to read. Anna David created a masterpiece; she authentically captures the false glow of celebrity and addiction in a way that no one has ever done before.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction expert 

“Media is a twitter with stories of celebrity party girls and yet not a soul seems to understand what the lives of these young women are truly like. Well, here it is. Anna David has provided us with the real deal. A roller coaster read that transports us into the world of the Party Girl. Once emblematic for feminine machismo and independence, the party girl of today is in fact a human being with an illness. At once uproarious and poignant, Anna David’s portrayal of the experience of addiction and nuances of recovery is the most accurate I have come across.”


September 18th, 7 pm, Recovery Gala/Dry Society Social Club - Reno, Nevada; book signing

September 25th, 7 pm: Mobilize Recovery - Vegas, Nevada; dinner and book signing

October 18th, 6 pm: Book Soup Virtual Event: A conversation about Party Girl—the book and movie—with Jeff Garlin

A Message From the Author...

Over 20 years ago, I showed up in rehab completely broken.

Once the cobwebs cleared, I realized that getting clean wasn’t the end of my life, as I’d thought for so many years it would be, but the beginning. 

And I thought: my God, how many people are out there, struggling with addiction the way I was, and thinking sobriety is the end? What if there’s one person out there who could hear my story and not have to go as low as I did? What if there’s a way for me to write out my story in a way that shows the FULL experience—how ridiculous my thinking used to be and how hilarious recovery can be?I sat down to write about it. That became my first book, Party Girl

Nearly 15 years after HarperCollins released it, I have gotten the rights back and am rebelliously re-releasing it myself. Typical "party girl" behavior, no?