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The definitive guide to writing a memoir, this course focuses on

  • The what (whether or not to go traditional, self or hybrid/what your topic should be)
  • The why (why anyone should write a book and why YOU should)
  • The who (discovering who your audience is and how you can enlarge it)
  • The how (including how to follow our 10-chapter format as well as how to know which scenes to include)

Bonuses include: questions to ask yourself to come up with scenes for each chapter, information on pitfalls to avoid and more.

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Everything you need to know in order to launch a bestselling non-fiction book, including how to:

  • Find an editor
  • Come up with your title
  • Design a cover
  • Acquire blurbs
  • Write an effective book description
  • Write your dedication and acknowledgments
  • Take a fabulous author photo
  • Come up with the most effective keywords
  • List your book in four times the number of categories allotted
  • Make the most of your Amazon Author Central account

Plus how to:

  • Gather and manage an Advanced Reader Team
  • Use your social media to promote your book
  • Get your book in bookstores
  • Land and slay virtual events
  • Appear on podcasts
  • Write, send and promote book-related press releases
  • Reach out to book bloggers and reviewers
  • Come up with pitches for mainstream media
  • Contact journalists
  • Promote your book long after it's out

and much more!

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Other Courses

14 videos, MP3s and PDFs on creating your website, launching your newsletter list, getting quoted in the media and building a social media following as well as bonus lessons on how to make your book a bestseller

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17 cheat sheets, swipe copy PDFs that will help you publish a book that can help you build a 7-figure business

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3 videos and 6 handouts, including the essential book release countdown checklist, the definitive guide to book blogs, blurb request templates & the six email sequence to get your book reviewed so that it can be a bestseller

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