Write Your Memoir

Everything You Need to Finally Write The Damn Book 

Created by Anna David, the New York Times Bestselling Author of 8 Books 

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Yes, I Want to Write My Memoir!

All Instructions You Need To Write A Successful Personal Memoir

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Who is Anna David?

Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of eight books about addiction, recovery and relationships. She’s been published in the New York Times, Time, LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, People, Marie Claire, Redbook, Esquire, Self, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon, among many others, written about in numerous publications, including Forbes, Martha Stewart Living, Entrepreneur, Allure and Women’s Health and has appeared repeatedly on Good Morning America, Today, Hannity, Attack of the Show, Dr. Drew, Red Eye, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show, The Insider and numerous other programs on Fox News, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH1 and E. 

She speaks at colleges across the country about relationships, addiction and recovery and has been a featured speaker at three different TEDx events.

Through her company, Legacy Launch Pad Publishing, she helps thought leaders share their stories and increase their credibility by publishing books. Launch Pad also offers coachingonline courses, a podcast and a monthly membership program.

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8 Video Lessons, MP3s and PDFs focusing on:

  • The what (whether or not to go traditional, self or hybrid and what your topic should be)
  • The why (why anyone should write a book and why YOU should)
  • The who (discovering who your audience is and how you can enlarge it)
  • The how (including structure and advice on scene selection) and then videos on what each chapter should contain.

Bonuses include:

  • Questions to ask yourself to come up with scenes for each chapter
  • Title Cheat Sheet
  • Pitfalls to avoid PDF
  • Combatting Imposter Syndrome PDF
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Korey Pollard

"Getting guidance from Anna on how to write my book has cultivated unspeakable confidence; I now feel like I can venture into other online literary groups and share my work."

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Catherine Just

"Anna David knows her stuff and I lean in to learn from her."

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