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Anna David speaks about how to build authority by publishing a book.


Launching a book is, according to 48 Laws of Power author Robert Greene, “the royal path to any kind of success you want in life.”

So why does the average book sell 300 copies and not change the life of the author whatsoever? 

It’s because the average author is playing by rules set up to make them fail, rather than creating a book that will build their authority, attract clients and change their lives.

Anna David is out to change that. The New York Times bestselling author of eight books has witnessed many book flops: mostly her own. Then she started her own publishing company and learned that the key to book success was knowing your why, drilling down on a sub-niche, making sure you’re attracting the right readers, doing your research and not allowing yourself to be a victim of expert blindness.

In this informative, entertaining talk, David breaks down her simple formula for crafting the authority-building book, delving into why she wrote a book about prostitution, how to effectively tell people to not give a f*ck and how the right book can turn you, overnight, into an authority.

Who is Anna?

Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of eight books. She's spoken at colleges and corporations around the country, been featured at three different TEDx events and shared the stage with such global leaders as Tony Robbins.

Anna has appeared repeatedly on Today, The Talk, Good Morning America and numerous other programs and been published everywhere from The New York Times and Time to Psychology Today and Entrepreneur.

Her company, Legacy Launch Pad, writes and publishes books for entrepreneurs. Legacy Launch Pad recently re-launched David’s first book, Party Girl, which is being developed into a movie tentatively to be shot in 2024.

What do people have to say about Anna as a speaker?


“If you’re looking for a speaker guaranteed to deliver, you’ve found it.”

—Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network and Genius Recovery

"In 15 years of booking speakers, I've never seen someone so well-prepared." - Cathy Christen, Director of GoBundance Women's Division

“Anna knocked it out of the park. She was entertaining and honest and the audience loved her vulnerability. The evaluations came back raving about her! I look forward to having her on my stage again.”—Meredith Swedo, event producer and host of Wellness for People in Recovery Live Event

“Anna’s candor in sharing her story challenged students to critically reflect on the choices they make in their lives. Students were riveted.”

–Anthony Nicotera, Adjunct Professor, NYU Silver School of Social Work

“Anna captured the attention of our students with her honest, insightful, and thought provoking recount of her personal struggles. Thankfully this wasn’t your typical lecture, and because of this, students were engaged from beginning to end.”

–Laura Singletary, Student Programs and Leadership Coordinator, Whatcom Community College

Clients include...

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