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How Do I Make Money From My Book (Aside From Through Book Sales)?

Feb 17, 2021


  • Pat Flynn Made $111,000 in a Day

  • Cameron Herold Has Made Millions

  • Jay Abraham Made $28 Million From One Book

  • I'm Not Jay Abraham and Yet This Worked 

Pat Flynn Made $111,000 in a Day

Dave Chesson told me during our interview that he helped Pat Flynn with the launch of his book, Will It Fly, which teaches people how to verify their business idea. So for Will It Fly, he created a mini-course that's like a video version of the book to use as a study aid for the book.

At the end of every single chapter, there is a link to this mini-course that is absolutely free and he put it at the front of the book so a lot of people would click on the "Look inside" that you can click on an Amazon and sign up for this free mini-course without even buying the book.

What Pat Flynn has publicly said is one-third of every person who bought that book signed up for the free course. So he had a huge email list from the book: it was a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Then he created a paid course, which was the next step up.

And the day he launched the paid course, he made over one hundred and eleven thousand dollars just to the email list he built from the book, not his huge emails.

He made one hundred and eleven thousand dollars in a day. God knows how much more he's made now. But obviously, so much work went into that.

Cameron Herold Has Made Millions As a Result of His Books

In our interview, Cameron told me that he's made millions as a result of his books and that's a combination of the coaching—because he gets paid twenty-seven hundred dollars an hour—and speaking, and he gets paid thirty thousand dollars to speak. And I actually interviewed him for Entrepreneur magazine way back several years ago and he said he didn't even want to write a book. He just wanted to increase his speaking fees. And so that's why he wrote a book and he increased them and then he increased them again.

Jay Abraham Made $28 Million From One Book

Another previous podcast, guest, Jay Abraham, explained that through one book he made twenty-eight million dollars. Now, that is from sales. Jay Abraham is not your typical person or author.

He priced this book at 377 dollars, and he got away with pricing it at that because he was giving away trade secrets that people pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for. And he's well-known enough that he sold 72,000 copies of that book. Now, if I price to book at three hundred and seventy-seven dollars, I wouldn't even buy it. I was going to say only my mother would buy it but my mother wouldn't buy that. I don't know anybody who would. 

I'm Not Jay Abraham and Yet This Worked

But I did speak to him right before I published my most recent book, Make Your Message Your Memoir, and what he said was so valuable that even though the book had already been printed, I went back and changed the beginning so that I could implement exactly what I'm about to tell you.

He said you start off the book with something along the lines of this: "I wrote this book because I realized that my ideas, advice, strategies, methodologies, support—whatever—was outproducing success or wealth or whatever it's producing by as much as two hundred and fifty percent; [this is just an example]. And what it made me realize is that I don't want to just help the people who can afford my expensive services. I want to help everybody. And it is my hope that by studying the lessons or the methodology or the strategy that I share in this book, you'll be able to use it and transform your life. And perhaps when that happens, you might wish to contact my office and explore how we could, help you even more. But that is not the primary driver. The primary driver of me writing this is that I break down what I have spent decades learning.

So I did that, and I will tell you, I didn't make a lot of money from book sales on that book—maybe five thousand dollars. But so many people saw it that I am contacted regularly by people who read that book and reach out to me about helping him as a result of that. 

So, you know, I've probably added a hundred thousand dollars to my bottom line based on the number of people who have reached out to me. 

I don't even know how many of them read the book. I don't know how many took in that introduction. But I do know that that is what I added and that is the result I got.


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"I didn't make a lot of money from book sales but I've probably added a hundred thousand dollars to my bottom line as a result of the book."