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"Anna David delivers practical advice on navigating modern methods of self-promotion that can enhance your publicity and profits."



I'm Anna David, and On Good Authority is my eighth book.

I'm a New York Times bestselling author who's been writing and publishing books for decades.

I consider myself someone who's "in recovery" from traditional publishing because I had six books published by HarperCollins and one by Simon & Schuster and, despite one of them being a New York Times bestseller, I was broke.

And yet my books led to opportunities to appear regularly on shows like Today, The Talk and Good Morning America and to give numerous TEDx talks and speak all over the world, even sharing the stage with Tony Robbins. It led hordes of people to ask me if I would write their book for them. But I didn't want to do that.

Then I learned both my problem and solution: my problem was that there was no business behind my books. My second problem was that I believed my books had to be published by Big 5 publishers in order to be "legit." In other words, I was giving up all control, timing and rights—not to mention the opportunity to use the book to gather a tribe. 

Luckily, I came up with a solution.


But it's not just any old publishing company.

It's a publishing company specifically designed to transform entrepreneurs into authorities.

I've also made it my mission to learn more about book publishing than anyone in the world—something I believe I've accomplished through obsessive research, non-stop experimentation and podcast interviews with the world's most successful entrepreneurs and bestselling authors.

For the first time ever, the collective wisdom of those podcast guests is captured in one place: this book.

On Good Authority walks you through exactly how to create a book that will make you the authority in your field, as well as how to build the platform around that book so that any time your topic comes up, your name is mentioned.

That, in turn, will result in more—and higher quality—clients as well as speaking and media opportunities, not to mention a legacy that lives on forever.

My seven step process—Conceive, Nurture, Show Your Face, Share Your Voice, Get Creative, Get on Stage and Get Clients—is the the key to making every book you do successful.

I know...

...dozens of New York Times bestselling authors who are utterly broke and have no career today.
I also know authors who published their books independently, sold under 1000 copies and, because of their books, are multi-millionaires with thriving businesses built around their passions.
The other difference between the two groups?
The first got lucky.
The second followed a system...a system I'm about to teach it to you.


Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth book and series (over eight million copies sold!)

"On Good Authority is the only book you'll ever need if your intent is to create a book that transforms your life, your business, your work and your day so you can produce the stunning results you so long for."

In On Good Authority, I draw on my decades of experience in publishing, as well as the wisdom of those I've interviewed, including Robert Greene, Chris Voss and Jay Abraham. What I'm sharing provides you with the exact blueprint you need to prepare, promote and profit from the book that will make you an authority in your field.

Why this book?


Through hundreds of interviews and decades of experience, this book reveals:

  • How to figure out your Why, What and Who so that you can write a book readers want
  • How to keep an audience engaged while you’re writing so you don’t release your book to crickets
  • How to break into the seemingly impossible big leagues using specific techniques any author can employ
  • The importance of playing the podcast game right
  • Non-obvious ways for you to create your own opportunities
  • How to go from author to speaker
  • How to make money from your book by becoming the one everyone wants to hire or learn from

Joe Polish, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of What’s In It For Them, creator of the Genius Network

“Many entrepreneurs publish books to help them build their business and many of them fail. It’s not that the authors aren’t knowledgeable; it's that they didn’t have the right roadmap to get the results they wanted. On Good Authority is that road map and Anna David has paved the road beautifully. There’s a reason I’ve co-authored books with her!” 

Alex Mandossian, CEO & Founder,

"Anna David is the book ‘go-to-gal’ for business owners who want to publish books that will help build their business and the second-to-last paragraph on page 118 of On Good Authority will tell you exactly why. That paragraph alone is worth 100 times what you pay for it." 

Kevin Harrington, the original “Shark” on Shark Tank, creator of the infomercial and co-founding board member of EO

“Anna David is one of the leading experts on crafting a book that will build your authority and she’s created an accessible, to-the-point book that encompasses all her knowledge. If you want to create a book that will move the needle in both your career and your life, you need to read this.”

Ash Ambirge, author of The Middle Finger Project

“Finally, a book that pulls back the curtain and tells aspiring authors the secrets they *really* need to know—not how to write the book, but how to sell it. The good news: Anna David makes it fun. Required reading for anyone dreaming of being published!” 

Christina Nicholson, Founder, Media Maven

“As someone who is currently writing a book, Anna is a gift. If you want to know how to get media attention with for your book, then look no further. You've found everything you need right here with Anna and On Good Authority. You won't find anyone better to help you get your book in the hands of the right readers.” 

Mike Koenigs, 15-time bestselling author and serial entrepreneur

If you’re writing a book to help build your business, Anna David has created your bible. On Good Authority is packed with the latest, most creative ideas out there to put together a book that will attract clients. You’d be silly not to add this to your list of must-read business books."

Ryan Hampton, bestselling author of American Fix 

"Anna knows better than anyone out there how to build authority with a book and she’s packed it all into On Good Authority. As informative as it is funny, this is a book every business owner needs to read. Don't let the fact that you're being entertained stop you from doing everything she recommends."

Topher Morrison, speaking coach and bestselling author of The Book on Public Speaking

“This is an easy, fast read that’s entertaining AF. There are tons of books that tell you how to write a book (and I’ve read a lot of them), but that’s only 10% of the game. The 90% that makes the difference has to do with what you do before and after you write it. This book is a must-have for any speaker, author or author in the making.”

Alex Sanfilippo, founder of

"I don't know if it's Anna David's writing style or ability to pack immense value into a book, but I found myself glued to the pages. If you want to become a leading expert in your field through the power and credibility that a book brings, On Good Authority is your ultimate guide. The wisdom found within these pages will serve you well on your journey."